A New You – How To Create Health And Fitness Through The Power Of Visualization

Have you ever wondered how those Olympic athletes have such drive, willpower and tenacity to push their bodies to the limit of physical capabilities?It’s because they have a vision, an end in sight. Without a vision, one cannot accomplish anything and the alternative is like sleepwalking without a hint as to where you’re going. Only with a vision can one have focus and it’s the focus that drives us to take steps to realize our dreams.Everyone wants health and a fit body. And, it’s everyone’s God given right to be healthy and fit. You may have suppressed that desire because you can’t believe you can have it. You may think you are too weak, or genetically predisposed to that excess around your middle. But it can happen, using the power of your thought.Health and fitness is a mindset, and the first thing you need to do is change your mind, not your eating habits.The power of your mind rules your thoughts, thoughts become emotions, and emotions make us react. Emotions are the ones that sabotage a well meaning New Year’s resolution. Thoughts like “I always fail” or “I’m too out of shape to begin” catapult us into negative thinking and self-destructive behavior.Here are 3 basic steps to turning around behavior to achieve results:1) Intention your day. Before getting up in the morning, visualize how you want your day to unfold. Perhaps it’s a day of peace, of calmness, completing activities, enjoying conversations, and letting the little things roll off your back.During your visualization, include a picture of feeling healthy, fit, and vibrant. Envision healthy holistic food going into your body to feed and nourish it. Envision your body feeling strong, limber, and sexy. Envision using your body during exercise to pump blood and strength into your muscles, heart and bone. Feel the emotions that come up with this thought – you are halfway to bringing success to you!2) Intention your actions. While getting into the feeling of health, think about what steps you need to do, just today, to make that feeling come true. Would it mean a quick stop at the co-op or market for some fresh fruits and vegetables? Would it mean scheduling a walk or workout into your day, and making that appointment as important as any other meeting? Make up your mind to incorporate these steps.3) Acknowledge and appreciate. At the end of the day, give yourself acknowledgment and thanks for the steps you followed through to make your healthy dreams come true. Don’t be hard on yourself if you did not do it perfectly, just honor yourself where you are and repeat the exercise the next morning,Making visualization a part of your daily routine puts you in the driver’s seat of life. You decide what you want, and using the power of thought, YOU make it happen.