UK in Top 5 For House Price Rises in Europe

Falling housing prices and a dismal housing market seems to be the situation among the majority of countries throughout Europe. However, contrary to the trend, the housing market in the UK actually saw a lot of positive growth in 2009. They out – performed the majority of Europe and ended the year with the top 5 increases in house prices. This accomplishment is one to be looked at by investors, homeowners, and financial gurus.Only Five Countries Saw Prices RiseOne of the reasons why this fact is so remarkable is because the UK is one of only 5 countries that actually saw house prices rise. The rest of the countries in Europe last year continued to see prices of houses plummet. In particular, the property values in Latvia fell more than 50 percent.What This Statistic MeansAmidst a global financial crisis that centres mostly on the housing industry, the statistic is a very good sign for recovery in some markets. While there has been sketchy evidence regarding some recovery throughout Europe, a rise in housing prices in the UK suggests that there is concrete, visible evidence in some areas. However, this does not mean that the entire Europe economy will see positive results. Those countries whose housing prices continue to fall like Latvia are definitely in trouble. And, there are other areas in Europe that are not experiencing as bad decreases; however the prices are still falling. Therefore, it remains to be seen when the economic crisis will end for these areas.Good News for UKFor now, this is good news for the UK. A rise in housing prices means that the UK economy is getting stronger. More people are obviously buying and investing in property. Hopefully the property market can eventually return to where it once was. In the mean time, the hope is that the effects from the rise in house prices will translate to other areas of the economy. More jobs are needed. As the economy continues to become stronger, the goal is for consumer confidence to grow.Investing In PropertyLastly, for those who are investing in property, the UK market seems like an ideal place to put your money. There are several people that enjoy England and given the rise in prices last year, it is only natural for them to continue to go up. Invest now, while the prices are still low.