Discover Video Marketing Secrets

Online marketing has changed for the better over the last few years. We no longer need to rely on things like banner ads to drive traffic to our websites. There has been a slight shift towards marketing with video, although it is not always clear what this involves. In this article I aim to uncover some of the more important video marketing secrets.

We all want to get more customers, make sales and increase our conversions. Video has proven to be a good marketing technique for helping us achieve that. The main hosting site which will get the most traffic to your website is YouTube.

Firstly you should have an idea of which niche you intend to work in. Once you have decided on this the next step is to go and generate lots of really good quality video content. Then go and submit your video to YouTube. This is one of the main video marketing secrets you can use.

Another good strategy is to keep on submitting high quality content and get your name out there. Brand yourself if you can as this will give you more social proof and trust.

The key is to get as much exposure for your blog or website as you can. Provide good quality content over time for viewers and you will find they will be flocking to your website.

Gradually you will build up traffic on YouTube and also in the search engines. Google loves video and you will notice your videos will show up in the search engine results. The more video marketing secrets you discover the greater they will benefit you.

Video marketing secrets YouTube

Creating a video and uploading it to YouTube is only half the story. You must optimise your video in YouTube because this will be beneficial for you in the search engines.

The secret to getting more traffic to your site depends on whether you enter a description and a title for the video. Don’t just make something up. Take time to do your keyword research as part of your online video production and pick a keyword that gets good searches each month and has low competition. Now take that keyword and enter it into the title of the video and also somewhere in the description. If you are able to add a secondary keyword in the title then by all means do so. This can only help with the optimisation process.

Here is another YouTube video marketing secret. Enter your website address in the description box. Also add it to the video if possible.

Tags are so important also. This is where you can add any keywords or related words. You may as well put in as many as you can as this is really important to whether your video gets seen. Enter them in quote marks and put a space between each one.

Search for other videos in your niche and have a look at their tags. If you like any of their tags then use them in your tag list also for your video.

Make sure you pick a suitable category for your video. If it is an educational video for example then the ‘how to’ category would be a good fit.

Another one of the video marketing secrets worth knowing is that you need to actively participate in YouTube communities. What exactly do I mean by this? Well, you need to add comments to other people’s video or channel.

Don’t just go and put something silly such as ‘Nice video’. This kind of comment adds no value at all and also you risk having your comment removed. Talk about what you like about the video and any other related material. Show that you at least have some knowledge of the subject.

Get involved in the YouTube community and start making friends with people who have the same interests as you. Interact with them, start conversations and get yourself known. You can write comments on their channel, send them emails, comment on their video, etc.

YouTube is the one site you must use. I would not recommend any other video site to uncover video marketing secrets. Try to focus all your video marketing effort on YouTube.

The secret of a good video is to make it engaging. Make the viewer want to continue watching by providing interesting, thought provoking content. You want them to click back to your website to investigate more about your product or service so make sure your video content is good enough.

A video will appeal to the search engines and help to give you a good page rank on Google. Equally video appeals to people also and if you are able to engage them with your content you will start to get them into your sales funnel. This means more customers and the potential of more sales. How does that make you feel?

By now you are no doubt starting to discover that video marketing secrets make your campaigns a little easier.

Video will work for practically any niche or subject you can think of. Creating an engaging video is really down to your imagination and creativity.

You’ve probably heard the term ‘content is king’. This is certainly true and if you can create high quality video content that people will want to share with friends or family, you will be well on your way to making money online.

Convert static text to video

One video marketing secret worth using is to convert your static text sales pages into video. Why is this of benefit to you? Studies have shown that people prefer to watch video rather than read long text. With video they get to experience a real person talking the sales page out loud. This makes them trust you more. With static text you have no idea if the person exists.

There are many ways to convert static text sales pages to video, but if you are not sure then get it done by someone who has experience with this. A video sales page will help to increase your website conversions. You can get someone to convert your articles also for even more sales.


I have shown you some useful video marketing secrets that you can put to use straight away. Video is the way forward and you should be using it in your arsenal of internet marketing tools.