Banking Finance Interview Questions – How to Prepare For the Big Interview

Preparation if vital when preparing for any job interview, banking is no exception. Much of this depends on exactly what position you’re applying for. In broad terms a position in banking finance may range from:

o Banking finance auditor
o Banking finance investment executive
o Banking finance controller

It’s always a good idea to practice answering specific questions before the day of the interview. By doing your prep work before hand, you’ll come across as a confident individual which may give you the edge you need to land that big job.

Let’s take a look at specific questions that you should be ready to answer for each job.

Banking finance auditor

1) What is your level of experience?
2) What was your degree of responsibility in your last position?
3) What were the results of your auditing reporting?
4) What are some of your successful achievements?
5) What types of submissions of audits for federal or state authorities were you responsible for?

Banking finance investment executive

1) What is your experience with inter-relating investment and financial institutions?
2) What specific types of investment experience have you acquired in your previous positions?
3) What is the relationship of investment experience to this position?

In most cases, though a resume will contain this information, the banking finance investment executive will be expected to expand in detail on the management of investment funds and portfolios within the range of experience.

Banking finance controller

1) What are your finance management skills and experience?
2) What is your track record of implementing sound financial policies that helped to increase profitability and revenues in your previous positions?
3) What were your duties, responsibilities and corporate interface with executive management, cost accounting management and internal accounting management?